Zoophile Activism Rises on Twitter

Jude Bedlamhem

“Zoophiles” or those into Beastiality and all sorts of different and disturbing activities have seen a recent surge on social media apps such as Twitter.

Author’s Note: After some reviewing of evidence, have removed the connection of Damian Sendler’s fraudulent articles to the zoophiles, as the author did not find there was enough evidence to support the connection. In addition, a correction was made regarding the ownership of ZooStories. He asks to please be forgiven for the error in judgment, and retracts that portion of the article.

On February 11, 2019, a Florida man named Christian Nichols was arrested. Nichols was known to have “different” hobbies such as dressing up in a Siberian Husky costume. Dressing up as an animal is a completely harmless activity.

Christian Nichols

According to detectives with the Pinellas County Sheriff Department, things went from strange to a criminal situation when Nichols sexually abused a Siberian Husky puppy. Nichols recorded the abuse and that video was discovered on the internet. To repeat, this is a man who dressed up like an animal and sexually abused an actual animal that matches the same costume he wore then he video recorded the entire event and put that on the internet.

Police stated that the puppy looked to be in distress as it attempted to run away from Nichols before Nichols hit the animal with a sex toy. Police also discovered loads of disturbing material in Nichols’ home including several videos of people abusing animals and having sex with those animals.

In February 2019, NBC Miami reported that Nichols admitted to these acts against the animal.

Nichols is one of many involved in a disturbing and, quite frankly, dangerous trend of Zoophilia.

Recently, on Twitter, there has been a surge of zoophile activist accounts working under the hashtags of #ZooPride, #ZooPositivity, and #ZooSexuality. Zoophilia is a paraphilia defined by Dictionary.com as an abnormal fondness or preference for animals, often manifesting in behavior as bestiality.

Most zoophile activist accounts joined in the year of 2019. Recently, they have received attention from YouTube critics and LGBT activists attempting to defend the borders of their community.

Here is an example of the kinds of things these zoophiles post on twitter. On May 7, 2020, a twitter user named Lykon, The Painted Dog posted the following message:

These accounts and tweets have been archived due to the fact that several accounts have already been deleted.

(Author’s note: The Daily Counter does not condone doxxing, raids, harassment, or any sort of aggressive vigilante tactic. Please be advised.)


Many of the arguments revolve around whether or not animals can consent or accuse those that criticize them of being bigoted, likening hating zoophiles to being homophobic. The basis of the zoophile activists’ argument is that animals can consent, which has been met with great criticism from the public as a whole.

The prevalence of zoophiles has surged to the point where zoophiles now have a handful of podcasts such as ZooierThanThou (ZTT) which describes itself as “yet another monthly podcast covering the zoophile community and all things zooey and wonderful!” The podcast is run by Fausty, who proclaims that he “is no stranger to the zoo community” and is “known for his outspoken zoo activism,” as well as Toggle who alleges that he “has spent over a decade behind the scenes advocating for animal rights.”

In addition, there is the Zoo Stories podcast, which describes itself as “a podcast about the lives of zoophiles, in their words.” Here is an archive link of some of their material: https://archive.is/JEf9t

It should also be noted that zoophiles have a presence on YouTube as well, though to what extent has yet to be documented. In 2019, Dog Patch Press released an article discussing zoodaism rings that have gone unnoticed. The Journal of Sexual Medicine has also discussed unusual sexual desires in people. 

Alongside the hashtags #ZooPositivity, #ZooPride, #Zoophilia, zoophiles can be identified by their usage of the following symbols in their profiles, which are a variety of characters that resemble a “z”.

That being said, there has been a sizable pushback from the LGBT community, such as bisexual YouTuber “Ready to Glare” criticizing the zoophile community, right after having made a video against the minor-attracted persons (MAP) community, which has also seen a recent rise of activity on Twitter. 

It should be noted that many of these zoophile accounts are also from the furry fandom, which coincides with the findings of the Furry Research Center, which found that 17.1% of all furries identified as zoophiles in 2008.

Furries are a sub-culture on the internet that enjoy the art of anthropomorphic animal beings. While furries are not explicitly associated with zoophilia or bestiality, the aforementioned statistic showcases that there is a disproportionate amount of self-identified zoophiles within the furry community. For reference, a study in 2014 showcased that 3% of women and 2.2% of men reported fantasies about having sex with an animal.

This surge of zoophile activity comes hot on the heels after September 2018, where popular furry YouTuber, “Kero the Wolf” was alleged to be participating in a zoosadism ring, which featured videos of someone literally sodomizing a puppy with a baseball bat. Unfortunately, the investigation into these crimes was stonewalled by Kero the Wolf’s parents, and the statutory time limits ran out on the case (O’Furr, 2019).

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