Victim Grifters, Exploiters of Current-Day Hysteria, Drivers of Witch Hunts

Dion McNeil

Modern-day lynch mobs and witch hunts are often caused by the victim grifter. This person lies about being a victim of some crime or egregious act.

Melody Hensley

Melody Hensley is a well-known figure in internet meme history. She is the subject of the Triggered Meme. There are many reasons for this. Some say the reasons are because of her glasses in combination with her glare as to project a judgmental presence. Others say it is because of her Twitter PTSD.

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Melody claimed to have gotten PTSD from Twitter insults. She was roundly mocked across the internet and forever made into the Triggered Meme. This woman is certainly many things but there is another thing she happens to be. That thing, many would say, is a victim grifter.

What is a Victim Grifter?

As the name suggests, a grifter is nothing more than a social chameleon who shapeshifts to achieve their own goals for their own benefit.

The social part of social grifter is what makes this particular type of individual dangerous in the right situation. This archetype of the grifter can blend into popular society by gradually sacrificing any sense of identity or self-sense of decency in order to achieve a goal. A person who fits into this category would be a cut-throat loan shark or a lawyer who intentionally stretches out cases to receive more billable hours. These types of people either know that what they’re prepared to do is wrong or they justify the actions or inaction to come.

The lawyer example can be applied to the expectation of a lawyer. It would appear that most people around the world openly accept that lawyers are liars who only want money. If this is the perception then why does there also appear to be mass acceptance of this perceived deceitful behavior?

Once behavior becomes socially acceptable and society at large doesn’t punish the behavior then there will be mass indifference. This is the power of social grifters. A victim grifter’s behavior can be benign. However, once the social grifter becomes hostile then things can become ugly.

Amber Heard & Johnny Depp

Amber Heard is a 33-year-old American actress.

Heard has shown up in television series and movies. She has appeared as the character Mera in both the 2017 Justice League and 2018 Aquaman movies. The Aquaman movie was the most profitable DC Extended Universe film to date and the 5th highest-grossing film in 2018.

This actress is the ACLU ambassador for women’s rights. In this role, she is said to be focused on gender-based violence. Heard has also been endorsed by the United Nations. In other words, Amber Heard is a household name for her acting roles but also for abuse allegations. She claimed that actor Johnny Depp physically and emotionally abused her. Despite the fact that Amber Heard claimed that Johnny Depp abused her; recent audio recordings between Depp and Heard paint a different picture.

Amber Heard appears to have deceived the general public about Johnny Depp. The recording appears to show Amber Heard as both physically and emotionally abusive. In that recording, it shows Heard suggesting that because Depp was a man that a potential domestic violence allegation wouldn’t be believed. She even appears to be mocking Johnny Depp as he complained about her physical abuse.

Quoted from The Daily Mail:

“See how many people believe you.” -Amber Heard
“The actress stood by those claims last week when published a separate recording from October 2015 in which she confessed to ‘hitting’ Depp as well as throwing pots, pans, and vases at him.”

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This behavior shouldn’t shock anyone. Amber Heard appears to have a history of domestic violence allegations. For example, she was in a relationship with Tasya van Ree, a photographer, from 2008 to 2012. Early into the relationship in 2009, Amber Heard was arrested in Washington State for misdemeanor domestic violence. Despite the arrest, no charges were filed. Fast forward to Amber Heard’s 2018 Washington Post article and a pattern begins to emerge.

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Some people who may have been abused, such as Tasya van Ree, may defend their abuser. The fact is that the recording between Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard exists with a prior arrest for domestic violence.

How did Amber Heard fool so many people? How did she manage to convince so many people that Johnny Depp was an evil man to the point where he lost millions in endorsements, future movie roles, and other opportunities? Johnny Depp was never convicted of domestic violence against Amber Heard and this recording demonstrates the pivotal reason why. Amber Heard is not a victim of abuse. Many would say that she is the abuser.

Just like other victim grifting individuals, Heard could have realized that currently there is social monetization of victimhood. Since people like Johnny Depp has played roles such as Edward Scissorhands or Captain Jack Sparrow, it is easy to see how someone could paint him as weird or unusual. Heard could have used this to her advantage. She is a woman claiming to be a victim of a man some see as odd or weird with pictures that supposedly showed signs of physical abuse.

Heard behaved just like a professional victim. She wasted no time to receive accolades, appraise, and recognition based on a lie. She used her position as an alleged victim of abuse to ruin a man’s career, reputation, and receive undue deference in the US and abroad.

Everyday Examples of Victim Grifters & Their Victims

In US Family Courts and abroad, there are victims of the victim grifter.

Since US states like South Carolina have legislation that provides immunity from prosecution for Family Law Attorneys and Family Court Judges, there is little incentive to not obey the whims of victim grifter as a Family Court litigant. Nicolas Knight of The Daily Counter wrote an article about how South Carolina Family Court Judges can give orders based on opinion and not based on law or facts. Since there is an immunity to prosecution, there isn’t much that can be done outside of removing a judge from the bench or disbarring a lawyer.

Even if those lawyers or judges behave in a criminal manner or flat out break the law there likely won’t be jail time for them. Stretching out a Family Law case based on a victim grifter’s lies is beneficial for such judges and lawyers since longer cases equal more billable hours for lawyers and court fees for courts.

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An example of what a victim grifter will do to hurt a person is the use of an Order of Protection in Family Court. This order is given after a Family Court Judge uses what is called the preponderance of the evidence to decide if a domestic violence or abuse claim is legitimate. After that, the litigant who has this order issued against them can experience a world of change in both civil and criminal law.

Very-Well Mind explains this type of order in detail:

“Once an allegation of domestic abuse or violence has been made, a judge can issue an emergency order of protection. The legal standard for issuing such an order is surprisingly low, considering the huge impact that it could have on both the short- and long-term. An order of protection is usually a no-contact order, meaning that the person accused could be ordered by the court to leave the couple’s shared home and prevented from having any contact with the accuser or the children by any means.
In the military, commissioned officers can issue a military protective order, which restrains service members, but those orders are generally effective only on military installations. That’s why many spouses seek civilian orders of protection instead.
After an order of protection is issued, even a mere allegation of a violation of that order by the petitioning party (for example, something as simple as having your friend talk to your soon-to-be-ex to try to get her to rethink the petition) could land you in jail. You could be arrested on a criminal charge—more specifically, a Class A misdemeanor—the most serious misdemeanor there is, punishable in many states by up to one year in jail, and fined. If you’re convicted of a Class A misdemeanor for domestic violence while serving in the military, you will no longer be able to bear arms and your career may well be over.
Orders of protection can be broader than just “stay away” orders. For example, an order of protection can not only order the accused to stay away from a particular person or location, such as a residence, the accuser’s workplace, a child’s school, etc., but it may also forbid the accused of disposing of real or personal property or one party from taking the children outside the court’s jurisdiction. In that way, these orders could be a very dangerous and wrongful tool if used improperly.” Read More: Click Here

How can such an order affect a person? It is generally accepted that famous celebrities have more monetary funds than the average person to defend themselves against various allegations in Family Court. So, it stands to reason that if an NFL Broadcaster and NFL Hall of Fame Inductee was arrested based on false evidence, claims, and won his kids back in Family Court with his wife arrested then surely the average man with fewer funds doesn’t stand as good of a chance, right?

Enter “Primetime” Deion Sanders.

Deion and Pilar Sanders, Via ABC News

In 2012, the Legendary NFL player and his then-wife, Pilar Sanders were both arrested on criminal domestic violence charges. Pilar Sanders claims that Deion Sanders was the primary aggressor. Given the obvious difference in strength and athleticism, the claims were believed by some. It turns out that Sanders was not only innocent of all wrongdoings but it was his then-wife, Pilar Sanders, who was manipulative, vindictive, and engaged in parental alienation.

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According to court documents, Deion Sanders’ attorneys argued that Pilar Sanders would regularly violate the visitation rights of Deion Sanders. An Officer with the Collin County Constable’s Office testified that he went to the home of Pilar Sanders. The first knock was ignored. The second knock was met with Pilar Sanders. Pilar Sanders, according to this Officer, said that the court had no jurisdiction over the children and that she refused to turn over the children.

If someone who was a reasonable person had just reviewed some of the bizarre beliefs of Pilar Sanders then they might have known something was wrong. She appears to believe in various conspiracy theories. However, there is one in particular that she all but admitted to during a court proceeding. While in court, Pilar Sanders said: “I am not apart of the United States Corporation”. She also professed to have no name but also referred to herself as “Pilar Sanders Love El Dey Allodial Moorish American.”

To some, those words would be nothing more than random gibberish. But, to someone in the know, there is more to this story than meets the eye.

She mentioned the word “Moorish.” What Pilar Sanders is referring to are the Moor people who once belonged to the North African region of Ancient Rome. Over time, the term was increasingly used to describe anyone of color in various parts of the world but especially those with heavy Roman influence. Recently, the term has been co-opted by the Sovereign Citizen Movement.

Read More About Who Were The Moors: Click Here

The Southern Poverty Law Center has described these Moorish Sovereign Citizens in detail:

“Members of the Moorish sovereigns, called Moors, have come into conflict with federal and state authorities over their refusal to obey laws and government regulations. Recently, Moorish sovereign citizens have engaged in violent confrontations with law enforcement. They have also been known to retaliate against government authorities through financial means — a process called “paper terrorism.” Moorish sovereigns espouse an interpretation of sovereign doctrine that African Americans constitute an elite class within American society with special rights and privileges that convey on them a sovereign immunity placing them beyond federal and state authority.” Read More: Click Here

Deion Sanders was arrested based on false evidence generated from a woman who clearly shares questionable and bizarre beliefs. That isn’t to say no Sovereign Citizen can make a legitimate arrest. However, if this person potentially believes that they are a Moor, doesn’t recognize the authenticity or authority of any court, and alienates a father from his children then perhaps this person’s claim of domestic violence wasn’t something to be taken seriously.

All ended well for Deion Sanders but that is probably largely due to his money. A lesser man facing those charges with less cash on hand to hire a hotshot lawyer might not have a similar conclusion.

Recognize The Signs

There are a few ways to spot a victim grifter.

If this person behaves like a victim while using current-day stereotypes and stigmas that are not based on the objective facts you might be dealing with a victim grifter. These types of people tend to use stereotypes of victimhood in areas or in situations that are the most beneficial for witch hunts and easily twisted narratives.

For example, if a combat veteran appears in Family Court and the opposing side uses a condition such as PTSD against that veteran without any reference to past criminal behavior then there is a good chance a victim grifter is apart of the opposing side. This type of grifter doesn’t like facts to be discussed and only wants a narrow narrative that is easy to digest and, once the narrative is deployed offensively, it is difficult to recover from. A person claiming to be the victim of racial hatred such as Jussie Smollett can use imagery such as a noose which has historical symbolism and context in order to bolster the claim to victimhood.

Often, this grifter will apply some resemblance to statistics that don’t really bolster their claim of victimhood. Let’s go back to the example of the combat veteran in Family Court. Sometimes, Family Law Attorneys will make claims of substance abuse against the veteran with or without evidence. This is done because, statistically, veterans are more likely than the general population to become drug addicts.

Read More About US Miliary Veterans & Family Courts: Click Here

However, being more likely than the general population to abuse drugs isn’t the same as all veterans doing drugs. That would be like suggesting that all Black Americans are murderers since, statistically, disproportionate murder rates exist in many black communities in the US. Nobody would accept such nonsense and, in principle, nobody should accept any argument made with the same faulty viewpoints and positions.

The victim grifter always twists statistics in their favor. Those statistics don’t have to be based on anything solid. It just matters if some study somewhere made by a person you may have never heard of said it. Sometimes, narratives can be pushed from certain movements. That isn’t to say everyone who belongs to that movement is responsible for or engages in such behavior. However, Amber Heard did utilize one particular movement as a cloak and dagger for her slanderous assault upon Johnny Depp.

Dr. Barry Kulhe, a self-described Feminist, wrote a piece for Psychology Today:

“As an evolutionary psychologist, I believe that much light can be shed on psychology by considering how the information-processing mechanisms underlying our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affected our ancestors’ abilities to survive and reproduce. As an “equity feminist” (Sommers, 1994), I believe that women should have the full civil and social equalities that are afforded men. Equity feminism has no a priori stance on the origin or existence of differences between the sexes; it is solely a sociopolitical desire for men’s and women’s legal and social equality. Defined in these ways, there is no rational reason why one cannot be both an evolutionary psychologist and a feminist.
According to gender feminism and its unwarranted claims about human nature, psychological sex differences are uniquely immune to natural selection. This convoluted conceptualization of evolution misunderstands how adaptations are fashioned and function. An adaptation is an “inherited and reliably developing characteristic that came into existence as a feature of a species through natural selection because it helped to directly or indirectly facilitate reproduction during the period of its evolution” (Buss, Haselton, Shackelford, Bleske, & Wakefield, 1998, p. 535). In domains in which the sexes recurrently faced different adaptive problems, selection is likely to have fashioned different adaptive solutions. These adaptations often involve the intertwining of physical and psychological traits.” Dr. Barry Kuhle

In other words, if an evolutionary psychologist cannot convince some movements with massive followings that biological reality is a thing then it comes at no surprise that Amber Heard was able to convince many in those same movements that every word she said was the truth. As a result of this belief in victimhood, people belonging to those movements or sympathizers of those movements will turn their outrage to action. This is what is called a witch hunt. Some seem to believe that witch hunts have to be on a large scale. When the term witch hunt was originally coined this was mostly referring to population numbers that don’t compare to the current day.

Johnny Depp may not have been burned at the stake. But Johnny Depp was burned in a social sense. There are still people out there who believe he is a ‘monster’, as Amber Heard described. For some, it wouldn’t matter what manner of evidence is presented that exonerates Johnny Depp. The problem with the victim grifter is that every quality given to these people are some of the same qualities found in a Cult Leader. It is difficult to deter the true believer and especially if those beliefs are borderline cultish.

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