South Carolina A State Divided

Nicolas Knight

Since the onset of Covid-19 the people of South Carolina have remained divided on how best to combat this pandemic, and maintain a functioning economy, along with many other issues.

One half of South Carolinians continues to push for the full reopening of South Carolina.  This means opening up all the stores and restaurants to the public.  Some South Carolinians say they want their State to reopen to maintain it’s economy from collapsing, while others quote Constitutional Freedoms and how they are being violated.

While the other half of South Carolinians are calling for their State to remain closed for health reasons and stating the pandemic is too risky still.  Some are open to allowing certain businesses to remain open such as grocery stores and such to maintain a living routine of normality.  Others have openly stated they are willing to give up their freedoms for safety.

Both sides argue Covid-19 statistics and media commentaries for their arguments to validate their views.  What is evident is this divide will remain in existence for some time even after Covid-19 has passed.

Whether you are for the reopening or for the closure to remain in place one thing is certain, normality has left the building as we know it.

We have gone from a society of socializing to social distancing, either by choice or by executive order.  Masks have become our daily routine to protect us from our fellow man.  Stores who were once open 24  hours have now limited their hours of operation.  Restaurants who were once filled with the voices of cheerful patrons are now silent, and only allow pick up orders or limited guests.  Even going to birthday parties has become frowned upon by people for fear of Covid-19.

It’s hard for anyone to sift through all the information that exists concerning this pandemic and make any sense of it.  Reported Cases, Actual Cases, Death Tolls, Media Reports, etc. can overwhelm an individual easily.

Then add in the arguments made concerning the States Legislative handling of Covid-19.  Was the shut down legal or not?  Did the Governor have the power to close down businesses?  Did Legislators ignore Constitutional Guidelines and Protections?

Even now with the slow reopening of South Carolina these arguments remain at the forefront of the media.

With this being an election year several candidates ranging from local government positions to State Legislative positions have spoken out on both sides of Covid-19.  Some Candidates like Senator Luke Rankin, who opposed the reopening of South Carolina, have posted on their social media pages pictures of them ordering from restaurants to support small businesses even though they had never been patrons prior.  While other candidates continued to go to their normal restaurants while speaking out for all their constituents who were suffering due to the shutdown of the State.

The question here is can a middle ground be found between both sides?

We will never know the normality we had prior to Covid-19 again, but can we move forward and improve as a society for future generations?

As unemployment numbers rise and overwhelm the State and families struggle to afford basic needs, how much strain can South Carolina continue to take before it all collapses in on itself?  Covid-19 has brought to light several of the issues that most people remained unaware of, such as the State Budget and Salaries paid to Government Officials.  How Taxpayers money is truly being spent.    What is still being weighed are the results of the many lawsuits that have started and will follow against State Officials and how the Courts will rule on them.

Only time will tell the future of South Carolina.



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