Politicians Putting Profits and Ideology Before Citizens

Dion McNeil

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and several Democratic Lawmakers are blocking the Coronavirus Response Bill for the sake of politics at the expense of the American People.

Time and time again U.S. and State Politicians have engaged in the habit of placing profits and their beliefs in front of reasonable and effective legislation. A current example that demonstrates this pattern is the rejection of the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Response Bill. This bill would send out more than $150 million across the U.S. to individuals and families. Small and large businesses alike would receive much-needed aide during this time of crisis. The bill was rejected by Democrats with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) presenting a bill with social justice pork.

The bottom line is that U.S. citizens need help right now. However, politicians haven’t let a good tragedy and crisis go to waste. Pelosi’s bill proposal was loaded with a litany of social justice and racial justice points that called for huge amounts of funds. Let’s quote some things from the bill. Keep in mind that many of the proposals are justified, no matter the monetary amount, because the proposals are supposed to help “…support activities to prevent, prepare for and respond to coronavirus.

Here are a few points in Pelosi’s proposal:

  • Obama Phones – No, these are not a meme. These are real. Pelosi wanted $1 trillion of the Coronavirus Response Bill to go towards the Emergency Lifeline Broadband Benefit. On March 17, 2020, the FCC posted the Recertification and Reverification Waived Order and attached was the following message “In response to the public health emergency associated with the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the WCB temporarily waives, on its motion, the Lifeline program’s recertification and reverification requirements for 60 days.” In other words, while some Americans are finding it difficult to find food in empty stores Nancy Pelosi was worried about cell phone coverage. How does this help to “support activities to prevent, prepare for and respond to coronavirus”?
  • $15 Hourly – Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) has always touted $15 an hour as the standard for minimum wage. He even went as far as striking deals with labor unions over the $15 an hour mark. One would be forgiven if they were confused as to why Senator Sanders wouldn’t have voted for a Coronavirus Response Bill that would help those same Americans he wants to make $15 an hour. Pelosi’s version of the bill, which Senator Sanders also voted against, required that companies receiving financial assistance from the bill would have to pay their employees $15 an hour. This would also prevent the activities of predatory businesses that Senator Sanders and Speaker Pelosi routinely talk about in terms of stock buybacks after a bailout and changing collective bargaining agreements after the bailout has occurred. Even when given the chance to at least temporarily get what Senator Sanders and Speaker Pelosi claim to want for the American people they both abandoned the bill.
  • The Corona New Deal – U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made the Green New Deal popular in the United States. This is the measure that is known for the “cow farts” fiasco. The Green New Deal called for massive cuts in carbon emissions. Citizens can argue the merits of such a proposal but, surely, this isn’t the time for ideological debates amid a crisis. Yet, Speaker Pelosi managed to slide in a provision in her version of the bill that would call for airlines to “offset their carbon emissions and reduce their overall emissions by 50 percent by 2050.” What do carbon emissions from an airplane have to do with COVID-19? A better question could be why would someone take a bill that, at least on the surface, would throw money at needy Americans and try to replace it with a bill that has provisions that in no way address COVID-19 or unemployed Americans? Section 707 of Pelosi’s Bill reads “Not later than 90 days after the date of this enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Transportation shall seek to enter into an agreement with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (referred to in this section as the “National Academies”) to conduct a study on climate change mitigation efforts concerning the civil aviation and aerospace industries.” Does studying climate change “support activities to prevent, prepare for and respond to coronavirus”?
  • Diversity – Speaker Pelosi decided that a Coronavirus Response Bill should have social justice littered throughout. For example, in Speaker Pelosi’s bill, the following text is found: “Diversity Report.– The Congressional COVID-19 Aid Oversight Panel, in conjunction with SIGTARP, shall collect diversity data from any corporation that receives Federal aid related to COVID-19, and issue a report that will be made publicly available no later than one year after the disbursement of funds.” South Carolina business owners such as Joyce Brewer, a black woman, and Zayne Jackson, a white man, both have the same concerns. Their businesses are hurting. Not once during conversations with Brewer or Jackson did the subject of race ever come up. The airline industry is one of the expected industries to receive a huge cash bailout. With that in mind, does Speaker Pelosi believe that frequent fliers care if their pilot or air traffic controller is diverse? Wouldn’t the customer only care if their airplane lands safely or not? How does generating diversity reports “support activities to prevent, prepare for and respond to coronavirus”?

It would appear that Speaker Pelosi and many Democrat Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. care more about political priorities than the well-being of the American populace.

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