7 Year Old Shot in His Home

Nicolas Knight

A Columbia family is mourning the loss of their 7-year-old son, Knowledge Sims, who was shot in his home along with his sister.  The reason for the shooting has not been released as of yet.  The shooting took place on Wednesday on Tarragon Drive. Knowledge’s 13-year-old sister Adontis was also […]

Reopen South Carolina Divided

Nicolas Knight

As we wake up and go to our social media pages we see the divide between South Carolina Citizens on the subject of ReOpening South Carolina. Arguments on both sides begin to flood the screen. But not only from Citizens also from State Legislators who are listening to the people. […]

Historical Racism Ended The Open Carry of Firearms in the United States

Dion McNeil

Racism and a desire to disarm the Black Panther Party is the reason why open carry was banned and is now considered taboo. Just like with the 1867 Cruikshank decision, gun control legislation has an undeniable link to historical racism and oppression. The same way it is a shame if a black person doesn’t vote given the fact that civil rights leaders lost their lives for that right is the same way it would be a shame for African Americans to not own firearms.

South Carolina Legal Aid, Helpful or Not?

Nicolas Knight

For most South Carolinians who fall within a certain financial piece of the economic pie, South Carolina Legal Aid is the only option for legal assistance in a system already overburdened with issues.  Legal Aid had changed from its first creation as to what cases they now are able or […]

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