House Representative Johnathan Hill

Nicolas Knight

Our first member of the Hall Of Hero’s is House Representative Johnathan Hill.  Representative Hill was chosen for his many ethical practices and his undying devotion to the people of South Carolina.  Representative Hill is one of a few State Legislators who exemplify the morals and practices needed in the […]

New Gun Buyer’s Guide, Some Things to Consider

Since firearms are a common prepping tool for self-defense, it is important to be a responsible gun owner. Invest in safety equipment such as gun locks and safes. Educate yourself on firearms and invest in firearms training. Be responsible and never treat a firearm like a toy. Always treat a gun as if it were loaded. Clean and maintain the weapon. Lastly, remember that firearms are a tool for self-defense and hunting with a long and rich tradition in the United States. Respect the tradition of firearm ownership but also respect the weapon.

Domestic Violence, Child Abuse & Suicide Prevention During COVID-19; What You Should Know

Dion McNeil

There are many people who could be victims of domestic violence and children who could be the victims of child abuse. During this pandemic, many people may not be noticing potential victims and vulnerable people. Citizens must take responsibility for their fellow citizens and help out whenever possible. A country isn’t a country without citizens who are generally willing to help their countrymen.

South Carolina Representatives Gary Clary and Seth Rose Trying to Reduce Prison Time For Inmates

Dion McNeil

Representative Gary Clary (R-Pickens) is a former South Carolina Judge who is trying to help the incarcerated get out earlier for time served. Representative Clary has performed the duties of a judge and has seen how the system can chew people up and spit them back out. Representative Clary is an outspoken judicial reform advocate. Now that COVID-19 is upon us, it is clear that more people with lesser offenses need to be released. Using the same judicial judgment from the bench, Representative Clary is trying to solve a problem that needs to be addressed in South Carolina.

Monday Monday New Day South Carolina

Nicolas Knight

“We have become highly educated and informed on what we’re dealing with and that is one of the main things and, also, the willingness to comply of the people in our state,” McMaster said, “those are the things that have allowed us to move back into where we wanna be […]

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