South Carolina Child Found Dead, Could More Have Been Done?

Dion McNeil

Authorities found the body of a missing 6-year-old South Carolina girl. Faye Marie Swetlik went missing earlier during the week and an investigation was started. She was last seen exiting a school bus. Some in the state are questioning the response of law enforcement in declaring an Amber Alert. Could an earlier Amber Alert have potentially saved this little girl’s life?


Dion McNeil

Clint Doran is a South Carolina man who says he loves his wife and his children. He has been made destitute, lives with his mother or friends, and is kind-hearted. Clint has experienced incarceration, demonization, miscarriages of justice and had a South Carolina House Representative advocate on his behalf. Yet, Clint Doran has experienced the horrors of the South Carolina Family Courts.


With the recent events that occurred at the State House during the Judicial Elections one major question arose: Who defends the State Constitution when our legislators violate it? 4 State House Representatives walked out of the “scam” election on February 5th, 2020, the Judicial Election by the General Assembly violating […]

South Carolina Representative Beth “Bureaucrat” Bernstein

South Carolina Representative Beth Bernstein (D-Columbia) is a politician who some of our readers and South Carolina Voters have referred to as “Bureaucrat” Bernstein.

Representative Bernstein appears to support gay rights, women’s rights, harsher penalties for hate crimes and other issues. However, when our reporter Dion McNeil attempted to inform Rep. Bernstein about issues that pertained to the very ideas Rep. Bernstein talks about our reporter was met with dismissals, ignored e-mails, and unreturned phone calls.

This will be outlined by the amount of missed calls with concerns our reporter tried to convey to Rep. Bernstein.

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