On 03/01/2020 the founder of the Beloud Movement asked parents to speak out against the Family Court Industry by telling their stories.  The Beloud Movement was created so that Parents who are fighting for their children can come together and speak out against the treatment and Civil Rights violations that are practiced in Family Courts.  By 10 AM over 390 Family Court Victims had spoken out against the Family Courts and by 12 PM over 1000 Parents had spoken out.


Facebook Posts from #beloud movement

Victims of the Family Court Industry have posted their stories many citing Judge Corruption and Civil Rights Violations.  These are both Father’s and Mother’s who have joined together from different States and Countries to speak out today.  We wish we could show all the posts from the parents who have spoken out but the photo to the right will have to suffice.  You can read all the posts on Facebook simply search Beloud Movement.

This comes at a time when House Bill H3295 as we were informed last night will be receiving a hearing date in front of the Judiciary Committee at the State House in South Carolina.  Remember this is a shared parenting bill that would give children their right to have both loving and fit parents in their lives equally.  And would begin to remove the long standing “preponderance of the evidence rule” with a “clear and convincing rule”.

As we have reported numerous stories from the secrecy of family courts we have begun to notice a shift in the political climate concerning these courts.  Ranging from the public outcry for transparency of Judicial Elections to Legislators demanding Roll Call Votes.  Here in South Carolina, which is a state listed as one of the most corrupt states politically more and more common people are running for State seats in an attempt to remove the bad elements.  These common folks are aided by moral politicians who wish to see South Carolina on the right path.

As we began to read some of the stories from the courageous parents fighting for their children, we noticed many of them spoke of their fear for  speaking out from Judges, and Family Court Officials.  These parents still chose to take a stand against the corruption and fight for their children, despite threats.  Their stories are a blueprint of the Family Courts Industry across their States, and the World.


    1. Yesterday, my daughter took my granddaughter to an indoor children playground where they have an area for children to play with nerf guns. When my granddaughter saw it, she was terrified and she almost soiled herself. She told my daughter that her dad has a gun and points it at her, the dog and the cat, and that he brings bad men to the house. This weapon has to be an unregistered gun, because he has been committed a few time for anger issues. A couple weeks ago, he called my daughter half an hour before he had to drop the baby at the NJ police station, he said he had been in an accident with the baby in the car and that it was totaled. He didn’t want to take the baby to the hospital or bring her to us on his other vehicle. We went to Philadelphia to pick her up and seek medical attention for her. He looked like he was doing crack cocaine due to his odd and aggressive behavior. It was also obvious, for what I saw, that he’s also dealing drugs.
      Philadelphia court knew he almost killed my daughter and that he tortures and then boils small animals alive; and he has child porn in his cell, and still gave him M-F custody because he perjured himself and said that the baby needs to go to the “medical” daycare he had enrolled her; my daughter was the one who registered her to have the baby away from the house for a few hours, because he was so toxic.
      My granddaughter beat Stage 4 brain cancer and will turn three in May. My daughter found child porn in his cell while the baby was still in the hospital. She reported it to the Social worker, but he’s related to the Director of the Social Work department at CHOP, between them both, together with his mother, talked my daughter, who was already very vulnerable because the doctors were giving up on the baby, into believing it was normal; and took a misunderstanding my daughter and I had the same day she told the social worker, and turned all her anger on me. He stole her cellphone, and they isolated her from her friends and I.
      Philadelphia DHS, Master Glenn Andreola from Philadelphia Family Court, Judges, lawyers, police both in Philadelphia and NJ, only see how deep parents pockets are and skin color, he is white with red hair, and we are of Israeli, Italian, Chinese and Peruvian descent; his maternal relatives are wealthy and we are not; so they side with this narcissistic sociopath with absolute disregard of our precious baby. We don’t hate him, but he needs immediate mental health attention, not his family enabling him.

    2. Hello my name is Brittany Mcbrayer and I’m writing you because my children were taken from me and according to the social security act my right as a US citizen was not cared about at all. Mrs. Workman I really need help my babies need help they need me. I need them I am not just a mother i their Mommy. Well here is the story and reason for me having to contact you well it all started with Debbie Pigman (a CPS worker who was fired from a cps office in Kentucky for making false statements and allegations on former employees) before she came to work in WV for Putnum county social services), showed up at the house where me and my mother and 3 of my children were residing for almost 2 years and she wanted to see the house well we complied with her request to come in. Mrs. Pigman said she wanted to speak to my 3y old,4yr old and 12 year old alone and also one by one. We let her and then she walked through the house and looked at my mother and told her everyone looked fine and there wasn’t a problem she then told us she was leaving and left. Well about two weeks after she was at are home she shows back up and begins to tell me she was taking my children that I needed to get them ready they was going with her well my uncle and Aunt who who is a registered Foster parents for the state of WV was right down the street I ask if she cares if I go and get them that they might be able to house my children if it was possible and she says yes just hurry well me and my son Alex go running down the street and get them and they end up with the two youngest Addison and Bella and the neighbor down the street takes my son Alex. Well the first court date comes and they take Mrs Pigman off the case and assign Mrs. Chelsea Eller to my case. Random drug screens start and they tell me if I miss any they consider it positive even if i didn’t test positive for any kind of drug and I tell them I have no identification card because you have to use one to take drug screens at the facility or your worker can meet you and identify you for a drug screen but when I did that my worker wouldn’t meet me well the dhhr finally got me a identification card and I started screening even though I missed some screens due to not having a ID. I never failed one drug screen I complied with everything they wanted and my rights were still terminated. Well my daughter had a parade at the school for Halloween and saw me and I walked five minutes with her when she saw me she ran into my arms I couldn’t just ignore my daughter and there was never a no contact order put into my case so I didn’t think it would be a big deal well Chelsea Eller (CPS worker) ends up taken my daughters and moving them away from my family and me and won’t tell me where they are or let me have my visits. But judge Louis Bloom said termination with visitation under their descreation. Well I still haven’t got no visitation I called Chelsea Eller (CPS worker) and she told me that she didn’t want to give me visitation well I asked her why and she hung up on me. I’m pretty positive that it was under the discretion family that has my daughters not up to her I mean it was a just that ordered it I don’t think it’s up to the CPS worker please help me I want to file a appeal to fight for my babies I will not stop in a mother and that is what we do please help me please

  1. My granddaughter Layla was stolen 2x first time December 12,2016 at 2 months old and again January 4,2017 and put in forced adoption no letter nothing like it supposed to be and grandson Tyler was stolen from me September 6th, 2019 for no reason at all except the fact that my daughter was signing him up to me to raise they lied and didn’t show paperwork or anything. I barley get to see him they trying to do the same thing to him. He never got sick when he was in my care never not once they took him he has been sick almost every week. I want my grandkids back they should not have been taken in the first place.

  2. I want from a full-time dad seeing both my kids, to barely seeing them and have a no voice or opinion on anything. I don’t know how it is fair to the kids to not be able to see one of the parents if they wanted to. Basically you were thrown to the side and in the meantime whatever boyfriend or girlfriend is in the picture gets to see the kids more than you do. How are you supposed to build a bond with your kids or be there to guide them and direct them and to love them. Unless you did something wrong but you don’t deserve parenting time It should start off at 50-50. But this doesn’t happen because it’s a money racket. At the end of the day the court does not care what is best for the kids.

  3. On October 11th 2018 my son was kidnapped via DHS in Iowa without a court order and no reasonable effort or ANY investigation and upon the request of a lawyer present to oversee the signing of any document that renders parents helpless , I was answered by them silencing my voice and each goal achieved by my son’s father and I any effort we made a huge remarkable changes on both ends were made at the end of the day and never mattered and it has never mattered they just want my son he is 3 and living in a house that is got him nothing but bruises upon bruises and abuse and isolation and alienation from his real family even though it is my own blood who keeps him from us they have poisoned them against me and my entire family they are trying to isolate him away and they’re succeeding because there are no parents to rise up it is time for sure and it more than heartbreaking and yet overwhelmingly relieving to see parents speaking out

  4. I am nobody, Murad Madad. I wish I could help, but we are in no better shape here, either. My state and its leaders have demonstrated willful disregard of our Constitutional and parental rights. When we do use our voice, we are harassed and intimidated, threatened with arrest, arrested on false accusations and often incarcerated as well. My wish is that this would change and our state would truly be a leader in ending child trafficking rather than participating in the federally funded (by fraudulent reporting of facts) state sponsored, organized with AZ DCS, beating, rape, torture, auctioning off via a state child marketing website, and occasional murder of our states children. I will, of course continue to use my voice until the processes that these powerful agencies continue to use (malicious prosecution) to either silence me or lock me up results in their ultimate goal of severing my parental rights due to the fact that my child brings in a lot of money as her status to those involved is a mere price tag. She has been a valuable source of income for this state as they have been receiving her survivor benefits for many months now in addition to being able to claim CAPTA, ASFA, and CAPE grants and funding for her and many other of our states children based on both the federal funding falsifications, the AZ FCRB falsifications of number of boards statewide per 100 child in care, and by falsified or missing reports to poloce about abuse of children in states care and false reports to family and criminal courts which all result in rampant unlawfulness. This is all perpetuated with no recourse as the reporting process is circular within the system of reporting which results in zero accountability. A well oiled machine. I do understand your frustration, you see, as I am dealing with issues that are as egregious as yours. I have all the evidence that would end these atrocities, however, there is just nobody left to report to who is courageous enough to hold those responsible to actually do anything about it. Basically, it comes down to cowardice. So, until there are some real humans in power that are willing to assist in uncovering this web of deceit, there is really nothing to do but keep complaining. I wish you luck and prayers and jojo my friend, as truth and justice have been tossed to the curb many years ago. Namaste, Murad, namaste.

  5. Hello my name is leslie shanklin I’m commenting bc the first time my Children were ever removed from my home was over an accidental femur being broken on my daughter and I took her to the hospital. Within a half-hour Of it happening. And I took my three-year-old son with me at the same time. They flew my daughter. Who’s a newborn? To UCSF And Place her in protective custody Upon which she allowed me to leave the hospital? With my son next day I call. To get help to go see her. And they asked me to bring him in for an assessment. Okay. I have nothing to hide so I did. Upon bringing her in Are upon bringing him in? They placed him into protective custody. But before I brought him in I already placed him. It with my mother. So they technically took my son from my mom. And so the very next day after taking my son I asked what I needed to do. To get them home ASAP the social worker and their social workers to Brazil to me and they said Leslie. We don’t want to tell you what to do. We want to see you. Figure it out. So I did next Friday. They tell me that. And by Monday I had called them. I told him I needed certain referrals aods. Mental Health anger management parenting classes just anything else that could potentially help the case and I got some referrals others is going longer. But I did everything they asked me are everything. I thought they wanted me to be doing. And so but long story short like in under a year. Both my children’s my parental rights to my children had been stripped both of my children live with my daughter’s fathers sister. And her husband and his niece her sister’s daughter. And her son now romance sister works for the Department of Health and Human Services Humboldt County, California branch And is a medical supervisor. Her husband at the time was the only welfare fraud investigator. For Humboldt County, California their daughter works in the Department of Health and Human Services Social Services child welfare services branch in some form or another. Isn’t that a conflict of interest…..n 9 months prior I was a foster mother through them for my sister and nephew I’m not saying I’m perfect by all means. But I did not deserve to lose my children forget. Yes, I have made mistakes. I’d be the first to tell anybody. But like I said, I don’t deserve to lose him for good i deserved t he chance to remiyft

  6. Hello my name is Kathy Cater and my granddaughter was living with me. CPS along with 2 officers came to my house ran up on my porch shoved my out of door way of my own home. Grabbed my grandaudaughter Heather, by the arm holding her 2 children ages 1 and 4 knocking her own the floor. She was 5 months pregnant at the time to take her 2 children. I asked them if they had a warrant to enter my home, they said no, I asked them if they had a court order and again they said no. My constutional rights had been violated. My granddaughter done all there classes but in the end they took her parental rights away. Because someone wants to adapt her 3 children. They took the baby from hospital. What kind of justice is this. They are suppose to give children to family’s by law. This is how they make there money. Kidnaping children for money and adopting them out. People that want to adopt children go through CPS. The foster parents make money off our kids then get paid to adopt. I want justice for my granddaughter and myself.

  7. Google Julie Goffstein. ( Batya)
    Jon Sieve family court judge Hamilton County Cincinnati , Ohio.
    Case is now stalled in Broward County
    Have only seen my 4 youngest children for three hours in 6 years. I was a stay home wife and mother entire marriage. Ex husband is a mutlti million dollar real estate national real estate developer. ( Peter Goffstein Vice President IRG reality group.) The Court never required him to disclose his income. The Court assisted him and continues to assist him in using terroristic tactics to control , abuse, sever mother child bond and destroy mother

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