House Representative Johnathan Hill

Nicolas Knight

Representative Johnathan Hill

Our first member of the Hall Of Hero’s is House Representative Johnathan Hill.  Representative Hill was chosen for his many ethical practices and his undying devotion to the people of South Carolina.  Representative Hill is one of a few State Legislators who exemplify the morals and practices needed in the State House.

Even though he is elected to only represent the citizens from the 8th District in South Carolina he is known to take on the issues and problems (becoming personally involved) of other legislators constituents who seek his help.

Representative Hill is married to Amanda Hill since 2015, and they share a German Shepard, Argo, between them.  Rep. Hill is known to be passionate about the U.S. and State Constitutions, and their protections citizens have under them.  He is also known to be a supporter of Open Carry Bills in South Carolina.

We at the Daily Counter are honored to know him and present The Hall of Heros Award to him to become our first hero.

(Due to recent issues photos will be added later of Rep. Hill receiving the award.)


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