Nicolas Knight

On Monday Governor McMaster held a press conference to inform the public of another Executive Order he was issuing during the Corona virus State of Emergency.  This Order now gives Law Enforcement authority to disburse any group of 3 people or more and makes it a criminal misdemeanor charge to be in a group of 3.  The exceptions of course are work groups or other such individuals.  He stated that a similar Civil Statue exists but he would have them enforce the criminal aspect of it.

According to Governor McMaster he is going by the suggestions of South Carolina DHEC.  The CDC has stated it has not given any directions for these steps to be implemented outside of suggesting Social Distancing and proper Hygiene.

As people become more questionable of the current Executive Orders in place and their Civil Rights applications, the question becomes is all this necessary.  One individual we spoke with asked, ” if this Corona Virus isn’t as dangerous as the flu, why do we not get these sort of orders during the flu season?  There seems to be so much misinformation out there no one really knows who to believe.  But I know I will have to continue paying bills and taxes.  Unless they want to do an Executive Order stopping that, which would be better than this stuff.”





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