Governor McMaster to REOPEN South Carolina

In breaking news today it has been reported that South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has stated he will reopen South Carolina by the end of this coming week.

Rep. Steward Jones posted:

This comes after comments from Governor McMaster in an April 16th, 2020 press conference where he states:  “we misunderstood” his letter, and that it might be “late June” before we end the shutdown.

Several Legislators have urged Governor McMaster to end the shutdown in the past few weeks.  The most vocal on this have been Rep. Stewart Jones, Rep. Jonathon Hill and Rep. Josiah Magnuson.  Who have posted on Social Media several letters that they sent to Governor McMaster imploring him to end this economic downfall and allow South Carolina to begin rebuilding before it becomes too late for the Citizens of South Carolina.

Also, on April 17th, Governor McMaster amended one of his Executive Orders reopening public boat ramps.  But it stated that the owners or the Department of Natural Resources could still maintain that these ramps remain closed if they felt it still gave a public health concern.

Several Citizens of South Carolina have voiced their opinions on Social Media either for the reopening or to remain closed.  It is only time that will tell how the state will recover from COVID-19.




26 thoughts on “Governor McMaster to REOPEN South Carolina

  1. This is disgusting!!! Wait for the ripple affect! So your saying economy “money” is more important than lives.

    1. Sad but seems like it – we love in a self absorbed world. If you ask me South Carolina has done a terrible job – thus far and this is just the beginning.

    1. Thank you!! The facts and figures we have been fed for the last month are totally out of whack. If you are ill, at risk, or scared–stay home! Let the rest of the world get back to normal. We have been sold a bill of goods.

    2. Thank you for REOPENING our state!! People need to get back to work and the economy needs to begin to flourish once again. You finally did the RIGHT THING!!!

      1. At who’s exspence? Would you say the same thing if one of your loved ones fell ill wth covid-19? They way I see it seems South Carolina never really played fully by the rules – people are still running around like crazy – I think it’s crazy premature to reopen when we haven’t even rolled into the second stage fully and the peak is not due to hit until late April early May. I get we ALL want normalcy back – but facts are we need more time.

  2. When will horry county schools reopen again. Im a bus driver. It’s time we get bach to work and a usual as possible..

  3. The lack of adequate testing and tracing is setting us up for another shut down and increasing loss of life. This is not a hurricane that blows through and we can get back to normal life.

  4. My take? There will be a more rapid spread and the milestone will be shortly after the day the governor made the declaration.

  5. I know it is too early to open right now since we are in the peak of Covid 19. It is going to cause more sick and more dead. Why say end of May or middle of June? It’s too early.

  6. Yeah, lets just pretend that 200 cases a day is not a lot, go ahead open back up prematurely. Cases will jump to 300-400 a day. Not a wise move, specially for retail. Now you are going to have everyone and I mean everyone fill the stores up.

  7. This whole shut down of people’s business’s was illegal. We live in a free country. No government in the US can impose marshal law for a virus including the flu this fall will we be shutting down again ? If a Person is scared they may stay home. However I have been open the whole time. I was considered essential. What a offensive word. To tell the person that spent there life saving to open a restaurant or Salon that they do not matter is a huge crime. It is my hope that everyone that has a business’s that was illegally shut down by our government that they sue all of you for there losses. Do not try this Bull Shit again. I promise we will rise up and show you what it was like to fight and die for our freedom.

    1. Why don’t you go ask Nancy if you can stay with her since she is locked down eating ice cream? You Liberals are idiots, first, you condemn Trump for locking down the country, then you condemn him for opening things back up. You have lost your worth, you are such liars, naysayers, the truth isn’t in you. Anything President Trump says or does, you liberals are against it without even caring if it is good for the country, your only agenda is what is good for the Socialist Democratic party. I voted for him before and will do so again if I were a liberal democrat and seen all the winning, crying, hate, and destruction you have brought on this country the last 3 years I would vote for anyone but a Democrat Socialist. Go back to your little corner, stay locked in, cry and whine about the President some more.

  8. All of you complaining about reopening, how many of you can truly say you have stayed home? I work in a grocery store and see the same people everyday which puts us at more risk, not to mention bringing the whole family including children to spread the germs around. And then there is the ungrateful attitudes on top of that.

  9. None of this has made any sense, the statistics do not match the projections that were first published. We keep hearing of dead bodies being stacked in the streets, but with every American in this country owning a phone there haven’t been any photos posted. We’ve had worse flu pandemics that this and the country wasn’t shut down…It’s well past due to re-open SC, get the ball rolling again. If you are against this, scared of going out, stay out of Wal Mart, grocery stores, Lowes, etc. Stay home and let the rest of us enjoy Freedom once again.

  10. please open local bars and grill we can do half capacity and 6ft apart I am going to loose everything if you don’t

  11. The economic fallout from this shut down may very well cause more health problems – without money I cannot pay my health insurance premiums and people are to scared or not able to go to the dr for testing, treatment and prevention.

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