The CPS Effect: Veterans, Family Court & Child Protective Services

Dion McNeil

Family Court and Child Protective Services should always consider the best interest of all children.

However, no court or government-sponsored service should be able to rip families apart, destroy lives and bankrupt veterans and rob those veterans of their hard-earned benefits. Honoring veterans and those with the courage to serve in the United States Armed Services should be done, not just with VA compensation and a “thank you for your service” but also equal parental rights for all veteran parents.

South Carolina Representative Beth “Bureaucrat” Bernstein

South Carolina Representative Beth Bernstein (D-Columbia) is a politician who some of our readers and South Carolina Voters have referred to as “Bureaucrat” Bernstein.

Representative Bernstein appears to support gay rights, women’s rights, harsher penalties for hate crimes and other issues. However, when our reporter Dion McNeil attempted to inform Rep. Bernstein about issues that pertained to the very ideas Rep. Bernstein talks about our reporter was met with dismissals, ignored e-mails, and unreturned phone calls.

This will be outlined by the amount of missed calls with concerns our reporter tried to convey to Rep. Bernstein.

South Carolina, Where Wounded Veterans Meet Judicial Clown Courts & Punishment

Dion McNeil 1

For many around the state December 25th marks the day that the United States as a nation has designated as a holiday. While it is a great time for family, cheer and rejoicing for some in the state of South Carolina this time of year is an absolute nightmare. The saddest part about this reality is that this is happening to regular citizens but today we will focus on veterans.

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