Monday Monday New Day South Carolina

Nicolas Knight

“We have become highly educated and informed on what we’re dealing with and that is one of the main things and, also, the willingness to comply of the people in our state,” McMaster said, “those are the things that have allowed us to move back into where we wanna be […]

Reopen South Carolina Divided

Nicolas Knight

As we wake up and go to our social media pages we see the divide between South Carolina Citizens on the subject of ReOpening South Carolina. Arguments on both sides begin to flood the screen. But not only from Citizens also from State Legislators who are listening to the people. […]

South Carolina Legal Aid, Helpful or Not?

Nicolas Knight

For most South Carolinians who fall within a certain financial piece of the economic pie, South Carolina Legal Aid is the only option for legal assistance in a system already overburdened with issues.  Legal Aid had changed from its first creation as to what cases they now are able or […]

The Silent Victims of COVID-19

Nicolas Knight

Since the onset of COVID-19 there have been many numbers given as to the loss of life attributed to the pandemic.  But only a small number of the silent victims of COVID-19 have been discussed.  These silent victims are the hundreds of small and medium businesses that have been forced […]

Governor McMaster to REOPEN South Carolina

In breaking news today it has been reported that South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has stated he will reopen South Carolina by the end of this coming week. Rep. Steward Jones posted: This comes after comments from Governor McMaster in an April 16th, 2020 press conference where he states:  “we […]

Where Is My COVID-19 Check?

Nicolas Knight

Many people right now are wondering when or even if they will receive a Pandemic Relief Check from the Federal Government.  This check is being issued on the records of the 2018 Tax filings, which means if you did not file taxes in 2018 you may be missed.  It’s easy […]

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