New Gun Buyer’s Guide, Some Things to Consider

Since firearms are a common prepping tool for self-defense, it is important to be a responsible gun owner. Invest in safety equipment such as gun locks and safes. Educate yourself on firearms and invest in firearms training. Be responsible and never treat a firearm like a toy. Always treat a gun as if it were loaded. Clean and maintain the weapon. Lastly, remember that firearms are a tool for self-defense and hunting with a long and rich tradition in the United States. Respect the tradition of firearm ownership but also respect the weapon.

South Carolina Politicians Allegedly Trade Votes for Stripper “Favors”

The Daily Counter

South Carolina is a state that can’t seem to fix roads, fix schools, fix infrastructure or fix a broken legislature. None of those issues can be fixed. Apparently, those issues are just too complicated for tax paid elected officials charged with fixing the problems constituents complain about.

Instead of fixing those issues it has come to our attention that some S.C. politicians have been paying strippers in exchange for favors. If schools can’t be fixed then, perhaps, the money given to an exotic danger can help that young lady get her children through college. At least, that’s what some would say.

The Failure of S.C. Republican RINOs

One would think that since South Carolina is a red state and has been reliably red that there wouldn’t be a bunch of ineffective Republicans. 

That isn’t the reality that South Carolinians face in a state filled with Republicans who desire to make a dollar and not make a positive change for citizens. During the 2020 election season, take note of just how many S.C. Republicans will promise potential voters everything outside of a magic genie that grants endless wishes.

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