COVID USA, Where Fear Replaces Freedom

Dion McNeil

What exactly are you free to do? Are you free to lose your business? Is freedom the freedom to have the government to cause you to lose your job? What’s the point of freedom if everyone is poor? Isn’t that the exact opposite of the end goal of a capitalist or at least partially capitalist country? This would be offensive to the very concept of the United States Constitution. There’s no point in a 2nd Amendment if nobody can afford a firearm. Who cares if someone searches your stuff without a warrant if you really don’t own anything? Free to be spied on? Free to have drones follow you? Free to have cops arrest you for large gatherings? Freedom is freedom. This doesn’t appear to be freedom.

S.C. Lawyers Campaigning, Donating & Lying for Luke Rankin

Dion McNeil

South Carolina Senator Luke Rankin (R-Horry) is a well-known friend of lawyers and judges in South Carolina. Bert Von Herrmann is just one of many examples of powerful and well-connected lawyers who are engaging in a social media disinformation campaign on behalf of Sen. Rankin who he has been friends with for over 20 years. We’ve highlighted Herrmann because this man advocated for judges to make more money in taxpayer dollars and that same 3% increase has caused problems during a global pandemic. 

South Carolina’s Judicial Salaries Killing State’s Budget, Judges Overpaid & Legislators To Blame

Dion McNeil 2

Until South Carolina does something about attorney/legislators who clearly profit off of the judges they select and give pay hikes to there will be issues with the South Carolina Judiciary and bloated government salaries. If the massive salaries were paid for by the South Carolina General Assembly then the citizens would likely not have an issue with this. However, it is the tax money of the citizens that are lining the pockets of attorney/legislators in a roundabout way. In return, those attorney/legislators have ensured that one of the few occupations that won’t suffer during the current COVID-19 pandemic are the judges in South Carolina. 

It would appear South Carolina has another sickness. That sickness is known as greed. 

What is a Bootlicker?

Dion McNeil

The bootlicker won’t be accused of being a master of self-awareness. These are the same types of people who will justify the murder of an unarmed man for walking through a construction site, will also call the police if too many scary-looking men are wearing the same masks they called for, and if those men are gunned down then they’ll justify any amount of government fumbling or corruption. Once the desired outcome is met, to the bootlicker, it doesn’t matter how the outcome has been reached. For the sake of faux self-preservation and the control of others, these people will sacrifice lives, friends, family, their economy, and social harmony if it means they don’t have to hug their pillow as tight when they go to sleep.

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