Are Online Courses Valid For Concealed Carry Permits?

Nicolas Knight

In the State of South Carolina in order to obtain a CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit) a person must take in-person a certified training course.  This course covers gun safety, gun laws, allowed carrying practices, and range time to show proficiency with a firearm.  South Carolina does not recognize any online courses for obtaining CWP’s in this state.

But…  there seems to be a legal loophole that has been discovered thanks to the reciprocity laws of South Carolina.

Certain states such as Virginia do recognize certain online courses as valid for obtaining CWP’s in their state.  These states also allow out of state citizens to apply and obtain CWP’s for non-residents.  So, in theory, a person could take an online firearm course and receive a certificate of completion.  Then apply with that state for a non-resident CWP and have it recognized as valid in South Carolina.


The fees vary on courses, plus one still would have to pay the fee for the actual permit to that state, which in Virginia is $100, and complete the required criminal background check.  But the time frames for acquiring the permits are the same.

This legal loophole allows individuals to sidestep the in-person training requirement that exists in South Carolina because it recognizes Virginia CWP’s as valid for South Carolina.

There are many reasons why someone would prefer online courses compared to in-person courses.  But as many gun owners have even stated a proficiency of firearms training is always a good idea.

This small legal loophole can allow many South Carolina citizens to obtain their CWP’s in a time period where many in State courses have been canceled due to COVID-19.

We must state also that not every online course is recognized as qualifications for certain States, so if one pursues this course, to take online firearms training, it would be a good idea to find out first if the online course that you are looking at is recognized by the state you plan to apply in for your CWP.

South Carolina requirements for CWP’s can be found HERE.

As many South Carolina citizens still demand that this state become an Open Carry State, and recognizes an individual’s right to carry a firearm for their defense, this loophole could show that requirements in South Carolina can be sidestepped.



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