With the recent events that occurred at the State House during the Judicial Elections one major question arose: Who defends the State Constitution when our legislators violate it?

4 State House Representatives walked out of the “scam” election on February 5th, 2020, the Judicial Election by the General Assembly violating Articles of the State Constitution concerning the process of voting for the nominated Judges.

Since then many people have been asking who is suppose to go after Legislators who violate the State Constitution?  Well the answer to that is the Attorney General, and in this case, that is Alan Wilson.

Before we continue let us look at Mr. Wilson.  He is the adopted son of  Joe Wilson, who currently serves as the U.S. Representative for South Carolina’s 2nd congressional district.  Wilson graduated from Francis Marion University with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 1996, and received a J.D. from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 2002.

In 2013, Wilson self-reported that his campaign failed to report 84 contributions and expenditures. A further investigation showed that his campaign failed to report at least 68 contributions and 16 unreported expenditures. But as he self-reported these errors, he faced no penalties.

In 2012 Wilson jumped the gun and stated to Fox News that over 900 deceased individuals had voted after their deaths.  After an investigation by the Washington Post it was determined that Wilson hyped these charges up into facts before any real investigation had been done. Wilson’s Office held up this report that stated not a single fact was true that he had so loudly stated on Fox News.

Wilson is also against the legalization of Medical-Marijuana as he puts it “the most dangerous drug” because it is the most misunderstood drug in the United States.

State attorneys general enforce both state and federal laws. Because they are sworn to uphold the United States‘ constitution and laws as well as the state’s, they often decline to defend the state in federal lawsuits.

Wilson, swore to uphold both the U.S. and State Constitutions when he took office, so now we will see if he holds his oath to do so.  The Attorney General’s office has prosecuted past Legislators for many criminal charges.  But will Alan Wilson uphold the State Constitution on the matters of Legislators violating it?

Let’s not forget that a large part of the General Assembly are also Attorney’s.  Will the Attorney General’s office hold these Lawyer/Politicians accountable for their violations of Articles of the South Carolina Constitution and misuse of the trust the Citizens of South Carolina have put in them.


  1. This is all. Over the place, I filed serious complaint with illreutable evidence of bribery and 6 counts of serious psyical abuse of a child, including police made the child suicidal in trying to shut the child up, they finally with no jurisdiction over the matter just took my child and hid her across the state and she had a uncle and aunt who were foster parents already they went in a back room and instead chose to hand the child over to a non family member the married paramour of the mother, you could read the child begging to not tell the police it would make things worse, while she was reporting it to a police sergeant, the policeman assigned to follow the case walked in and the child fell to the floor with motor skill failure and bruises all over her, the police conspired to cover up, for the 6th time serious abuse since she was caught and the cop fired having sex to break into my house and steal. My child during my time with my child, since then I have been arrested 13 times and win, the last time with many looking on they used the deep state to fix a trial after jury selection returned a Cia agent that was not a selected juoror who overtly tried to sway the jury but the lost me formally being a civil rights paralegal, and in each of thr cases caught police perjury in each case. Then when the state ran out of corrupt mental health persons trying to fabricate evidence of a mental disorder, when their last very own doctors found how dangerous the mother was, the dss conspired to bring a lawsuit, not serve it on me and have a hearing with a judge who said he didn’t have jurisdiction over the case then court orders were being produced as a hearing took place but at no time were these dates docketed and once I appeared when someone gave me an annomous call and I arrived and they were having a hearing with a bunch of person that knew nothing about e or the case, I had to demand a copy of the pleading and when. I SAW It it was entirely provable lies, immediately the opposition claimed the guardians didnt have counsel and continued it, family there the instructed the balif to take the pleading from. My hand and then I emailed the judges about no service of process no witnesses and thr fraud, they held another hearing ignored the mental health persons, their own of the dangers of placing the child with the mother. With bribery witnessed and rext by the child the mother just as she did from Boston years before kidnapped her children from their father. My child has been kidnapped and all evidence I supposed to have her and the mother supposed to only see her with a psychologist, the state finally granted my motions after federal court and 4 and a half years and never had a single dispositive motion heard but finally admitted fraud on the court and lack. Of personal and subject matter jurisdiction and at the end guardian and her lawyer said they were hiding her trying to the continuation of projecting the dangers of the mother onto me, like I said bribery was witnessed and when text by the child in less than 24 hours she was taken from. HILTON head to Walterboro with a. Lying child abusing foster mother where again the text from the child proved the Foster mother lied in court. Finally, the judges, dss and guardians, new guardians, the former now a reputable judge had also said I was to have the child so they conspired to allow the mother to kidnap my child just lie she threatened she would judge Smaok fully complicit in signing court orders in a. Star chamber case never served on me and complicit in violating existing court orders terrible things the child has been made to endure, after her saying she contemplated suicide the judges done the opposite of what made the child feel safe, same judge Smoak done the same to one of the witnesses in this case and caused his son to commit suicide and of course no responsibility for this, not even the now kidnapping the judge saying “too bad” and had locked me up and lost for lying to lock. Me up, how did they cure that,. By Gaslighting the record of accusing me of losing the cases I won, including a jury trial, that level. Of complicit lying my case alone shuts down that court, but the FBI was involved once from my complaint and dss lost an attorney for his mail fraud and now all this is midget minded retaliation, where is the best interest of the child, it’s a farce.

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Clint Doran is a South Carolina man who says he loves his wife and his children. He has been made destitute, lives with his mother or friends, and is kind-hearted. Clint has experienced incarceration, demonization, miscarriages of justice and had a South Carolina House Representative advocate on his behalf. Yet, Clint Doran has experienced the horrors of the South Carolina Family Courts.

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