COVID USA, Where Fear Replaces Freedom

Dion McNeil

What exactly are you free to do? Are you free to lose your business? Is freedom the freedom to have the government to cause you to lose your job? What’s the point of freedom if everyone is poor? Isn’t that the exact opposite of the end goal of a capitalist or at least partially capitalist country? This would be offensive to the very concept of the United States Constitution. There’s no point in a 2nd Amendment if nobody can afford a firearm. Who cares if someone searches your stuff without a warrant if you really don’t own anything? Free to be spied on? Free to have drones follow you? Free to have cops arrest you for large gatherings? Freedom is freedom. This doesn’t appear to be freedom.

S.C. Family Court and Lawyers Retaliate Against Outspoken Journalist, Part 2

Alex Campbell

The South Carolina Family Court system has retaliated against a journalist who routinely investigates judicial corruption. To some, Dion McNeil, 34, of Columbia, S.C., is someone without fear and willing to write about whatever he believes protects the people. He started a news publication covering topics that other many other publications wouldn’t cover and some topics that most all cover. His main focus is to stop judicial corruption and Family Courts destroying the bond between children and their parents. For his efforts, he has been demonized, lied on, and alienated from his son without a criminal record, without a missed child support payment, and without any justification.

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